Wucube For Petrol/LPG or Diesel

  • Reduces Vehicle Emissions. An average reduction in HC & CO -50%.*

  • Reduces Fuel Consumption. An average fuel reduction of -20%.**

  • Return On Investment. Any fuel reduction is an economic advantage.**

  • Easy Installation. Simply placed within 1 metre of the fuel tank.

  • Five Year Warranty. Expected continued functionality of 15 years.




The Wucube is an Emission control device, which effectively reduces harmful emissions exhausted from motor vehicles.

  • The Wucube emits a signal at a very specific determined frequency, which targets and effects the fuels molecular structure.
  • The Wucube is simply placed within 1 metre of the vehicles fuel tank, and the fuel stored there is Activated’ by The Wucube.
  • The Activated’ fuel is burnt more efficiently than normal fuel, because it reacts differently to the Oxygen content within the air.
  • Increased Efficiency causes a significant drop in Exhaust Emissions* which typically causes a significant improvement in Economy.**

The table below expresses the average effect of The Wucube on vehicles of different ages, taken from real-world testing results.

Vehicle Age Emission Reduction   Fuel reduction
0-1 years -26% -0%
2-3 years -38% -7%
4-7 years -54% -21%
8-12 years -63% -27%
12-15 years -69% -28%
15-20 years -69% -28%


*A reduction in the emissions (HC & CO) is 100% guaranteed. The % reduction depends upon the individual vehicle and is relevant to the original condition.
**A fuel reduction is NOT guaranteed. Although there is a relationship between Emission reduction and fuel economy, actual results vary considerably.

Note from the inventor.
Please consider that this is an extremely innovative product, and as such should be considered as an experimental device.
ALL results are an honest expression of The Wucube effects, yet we really need more test results across a broader range of vehicles.

If you are interested in testing the Wucube on your vehicle, there are forms prepared for you and sent with your order receipt.

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